My name is Caique Pantoja Brasil,
I studied  photography for a while, but stopped because I wanted my freedom back. I wanted to use my own ideas and inspiration and not those of school. I have a great passion for photography, art and fashion. I am 19 years old and live in Amsterdam of course.  I created this blog to use and create some good ideas and inspire others .
I wanted to show the world how beautiful Amsterdam  really is. It  Inspires people to be creative and inspires the to make art, fashion etc. Every month, I will post interviews with people who are trying to make name for themselves and  people who already made it big in the industry . The people I will be interviewing are people who have their own web shop or who are working as a model or as a stylist, maybe even people who make art paintings. Inspirational interviews and topics about art and fashion. Besides the interviews, I will have little post about my own view on fashion and art, every Monday.




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